Our entrepreneurs

Future Fund for Education is dedicated to African-led solutions, and to learning from and partnering with experts in the region. By coupling our expertise in entrepreneurship with our partners’ knowledge of the education sector in Africa, the FFE ecosystem creates enhanced conditions for innovative solutions to education. We're building a network of innovators who will increase access to education, improve the quality of learning and ensure that graduates leave school with the skills they need to excel in the high growth economies of Africa.

When we partner with entrepreneurs and their ventures, our investment strategy goes beyond simply offering financial support. We provide multi-year technical assistance, mentorship and knowledge sharing, as well as capital. Integral to FFE’s approach is to build an ecosystem of game-changing African education entrepreneurs by convening them, digitally and physically, so they can maximize their impact through long-term collaboration.

Our founding cohort of entrepreneurs were selected from a pool of applicants from 18 countries and a variety of education sub-sectors. They represent ambitious and creative approaches to learning.

Ngor Majak Anyieth

Education Bridge operates a school in South Sudan. Their mission is to create flourishing South Sudanese communities through holistic education and peacebuilding. They focus on helping girls attend school, and helping students develop peace-building skills.

Kader Kaneye

African Development University is a new not-for-profit university serving the Sahel region and located in the country of Niger. The mission of A.D.U. is to educate the most promising young people in the region to become ethical leaders with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to create the future of their nations.

Solomon King

FundiBots provides hands-on, practical STEM education to children and youth in Uganda. Students learn how to build robots, which improves classroom performance, provides vocational skills and career development and inspires them to think beyond simply passing classroom examinations.

Belinda Munemo

Reekworth primary and secondary schools stand out from other schools with their focus on entrepreneurship training from early childhood, as well as their focus on developing the whole child from academics and sports to arts and travel. Reekworth operates in Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

Faraja Nyalandu

Shule Direct is a web platform that delivers qualified (government accredited) educational content that serves as a supplementary resource for learning and revision for students and a teaching resource for teachers in secondary schools in Tanzania.